The Awesome Things: 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

Isn't this song just heart-piercing. I normally like upbeat happy songs, but this one is different. You don't have to slap your EX anymore coz this song will do the job for you plus save you with all the drama. This song truly has meaning and a heart. One word. Ouch!

Fly off the wall

I'm the kind of person who really doesn't like my life to get dull. (who does, right?) and so I make it to a point to post stuffs on my wall that inspire and reminds me of good memories of the days past and to make my life as colorful as possible. Think of lovely things they say and it would beam through your face and committing some mistakes and learning from them is just fulfilling in its own right.

Here's a few things that makes me smile:
                                         Those days of partying with crazy, boisterous friends, pictures of place I dream of going and those cute couples is just inspired!

  I actually tried out drawing and painting, I might say I actually did quite a good job there! I didn't know I had it in me. Trying new things finally pays off. I guess I actually did justice to the pictures I got my inspiration from (not bad for a noob!) So this is what they're trying to mean that when you try new stuffs you haven't done before, you discover something magical and it leaves you with no regrets. Though it's a trial and error process and you gain some bad and good experiences resulting from your experiment but in the end, you just learn. And that's what's important I guess. YOU LEARN.

Just like what Alanis Morissette said:

"You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

You grieve you learn
You choke you learn
You laugh you learn
You choose you learn
You pray you learn
You ask you learn
You live you learn "

So erase those bitter memories and MOVE ON to a BETTER YOU! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Immortal by Evanescence Piano

I miss playing the piano, though I've been quite busy lately and I just can't spare to play on my free time (If I actually have any) I read in a book somewhere that playing an instrument actually eases depression and improves your skill on learning a new language! If only I'm as good as Mozart though, that would be an achievement. :) till here.

P.S. sorry I'm not gifted with a golden voice, I'll just leave all the singing to AMY LEE. kthanksbye!


You may be wondering, why the BIG 20?

Well, it's just unbelievable that time flies so fast, one minute I'm a child and the next I'm off to college,finding a job,getting married and having kids! and what's next? I'm turning 20 for goodness sake! It's as though I was just 15 yesterday, seriously! It's overwhelming and unthinkable that this could actually be happening to me!! For one thing, there are loads of stuffs that I haven't done yet and I'm still secretly dreaming on. Like:

-riding on a hot air balloon

-canoodling with someone I love

-riding on a yacht

-finding my awesome-who-can-make-me-laugh-always-and-who-loves-kids life-partner

-travel to a foreign country with my awesome friends!

-go bungee jumping (head first)

-have a sabbatical in US

-go on a Eurotrip

-have a sweet British lover with heart-melting accent!

-have a gig in restaurants

-play the piano in a fancy restaurant

-master my piano skills

-dance/perform in a stage front of thousands of people!

-have my own concert even tho i don't have a good voice (if Anne Curtis can do it, y can't i?)

-go party at Vudu/Formo with my friends!

-meet a European hottie in Vudu/Formo (laughs)

-go to a rock concert complete with head banging and shouting!

-travel back in time!

-having 3 wonderful bibbo kids! but in case I'd be a single mom, I'll get inseminated instead and join a proud to be a single moms club and have play dates together! (who needs men right, ladies?!) Such pain in the ass!

-have my own cafe/pastry shop/spa someday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Visayas Blogging Summit in Cebu

Mark your calendars this 26th of November 2011 (Saturday). The Event we've all been waiting for is finally here! Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.  is characterized as a premier blogging organization registered in Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Organization promotes in sharing to the world informations about Cebu's Lifestyles, Culture and Travel Destinations as well as it's People. The CBSi sees blogging most specifically as a powerful social media tool for social change by providing desirable improvements in the community.

The Cebu Blogger's Society, Inc. will host the tremendous Visayas Bloging Summit 2011 which will take place at SM City Cebu from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. This is open to all Cebu/Visayas Based Bloggers. Free Admission for all!!

This year, The VBS 2011 organizers take it to the next level as they provide participants world-class talks that will hone the skills and talents especially of the Filipino community to compete globally. This event will encourage them to improve their skills and craft as social media users. 

The theme this year is "Blogging and Beyond" highlighting the value of blogging in the community development as well as giving the community insights and knowledge in improving the social media marketing in their personal and professional blogging. As well as encouraging community participation.

The Official Program and Speaker's 

(7:30 - 8:30 AM) REGISTRATION
(8:30 - 9:30 AM) WELCOME - Mayor Michael Rama, City of Cebu

Know the advantages of blogging, how to improve a blog's visibility and how to make it sustainable.
SPEAKER: Vernon Joseph "Iggy" Go
"Getting Steady with Blogging"


There is more to blogging. This can be a career and even become a business. Find out how professionals make it to the top.

"From Blog to Business - Getting Serious Online!"

(12:01 - 1:00 PM) LUNCH BREAK

Learn how small business use social media to boost their sales and visility. Learn their experiences, secrets and tips first hand.
Speaker: Ms. Joanne Apat
"Basic Tips in Using Social Media for Business!"


Blogging is not only for business but for social change. Find out how bloggers influence and use blogging as a medium to change their communities and improve lives.
SPEAKER: Janette Toral
Social Media Responsiblity: A Perspective


So what are you waiting for?! Join now and seize this opportunity to gain more insights knowledge that will certainly give you an edge in this constantly changing  global community.


Main Organizers

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Media Partners


Bronze Sponsors


Supported by:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watch this SPACE!!

can you believe this?! Forever 21 and Krispy Kreme are soon to open in Cebu!!!!

AAAaaaahhhh!! (*super excited freak here)

Forever 21:

      First off, Forever 21 is like a shop haven for shopaholics and for fashion enthusiast alike. You don't even have to go to Manila in order for you to just get a hold of Forever 21's awesome fashion pieces.

      According to the magnificent wiki, Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers with branches in major cities in The United StatesPuerto RicoCanadaEuropeAsia, and the Middle East that offers fashion and accessories for young women and men and brace for this, it's set to open by NOVEMBER 2011!! Imma have to save for that by now. hahah. I really can't wait! I can already see myself racking through their clothes with a high. I know it might seem superficial of me but hey, I just see this as a form of escape from all the stress for life. But ofcourse, there are always limits. As they say, too much of anything is bad enough! 

Krispy Kreme:

        Now, off to Krispy Kreme. I've been eyeing that space in Active Zone, Ayala for quite a while now. Waiting (patiently) for that glorious Krispy Kreme to finally open. This October 2011, Krispy Kreme will begin serving the Cebuano market. Krispy Kreme will be opening its Ayala Center Cebu branch during the last week of October. Two other branches, one in Asiatown I.T. Park and one in SM Cebu City near Starbucks and Chikaan, are also set to open consecutively. My prayers sure got answered. Prepare to be Glazed!

Watching this photo makes me drool! Look at their doughnuts with their famous "melts-in-your-mouth" quality. Yes, just like M&M I believe. 

                                     We need not fly to manila to get a taste of these cute babies!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bisdak jud ko. Wa juy makabag.o anah. ug "PROUD" jud kaayo ko anah.

Kita bitawng mga PINOY hilig gayud kaayo ta sa mga langyaw. Langyaw na mga butang, mga tao ug mga lugar. Wa mai hinuon dautan anah. Pero ayha ra siguro siya mahimong dautan sa imong kaugalingon kung ang gugma na dapat sa atung lingwahe, mga tao ug sa atung nasud ma pulihan ug atung gugma og belib sa mga butang nga gikan sa lain nasud.  Ug tungod ani ma wa na ang atung gugma sa Pinas. Mao siguro ni ang usa ka rasun kung nganung nagkalisud na ning atung nasud ky na wa na atung atung gugma ug pride sa pagka pinoy. Mas mu.pabor naman gud hinuon ta sa mga foreign systems. kita wa dai tay kaugalingon systema?

Miskan sauna pang panahon creatib naman tang mga pinoy, tanawa ang Banaue rice terraces oh. Gihimo na sa atung mga ninuno miskan atung wa pa niabout ang mga Kastila. Tan.awa na.apsan na hinuon ta sa atung mga silingan na mga nasud sa Asya. Layu na kaayo atung agwat sa ilaha. Nag-una na sila samtang kita ky nauwahi na sa dagan .

Ako, hilig man sab ko anang mga langyaw na mga butang, ug mga foreign culture ug mga tawo pero dili pasabut ani na di ko proud sa akung pagka pinoy. "I just want to broaden my horizon" kintahai kung sa ingles pa. Pero una jud nako gihigugma ang Pinas ky dre ko nabuhi ug dre ko nagdako. Malipayon gayud ako nga mao ning kultura nga akong nakadak-an.

Pero tinuod na daghan pud mga di maayu na mga kinaiya ang mga pinoy, wa tai originality ug likas pud sa atu ang crab mentality ug manyana habbit. Pero di pasabut na di nato kaya mag-bago. Pero hinaut na ma wa napud ning atung pagka small-mindedness. Maliit mag-isip ang pinoy, tinuod nah.. ug naa pud tai pagka simple-minded. Dakoon pa unta nato ang atung damgo ug atu pud unta buhaton tanan pra makamtan ang atung mga gusto. Di kay mag sige lang ug ima-ima. hala  oie, nag yaw yaw na ko.. ambut nalang.. hahah

Kini pung mga politiko nato ky wa ra pui ginabuhat, miskan nakakita nag tao nga nagkalisod sa dalan. Ug ang ka paet pa anah, ginakawatan pa gyud nilya ang mga kapos sa buhay. mao pai nag lisud mao pai kawatan. Tawun ui, asa man nila gibutang ilang utok? sa ilang lubot?! abi kog bag bright na sila. Hinuon, bright lagih sila pero wala pud silay morale. Di man hinuon tanan politiko, pero halos tanan gyud hinuon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kawasan Falls

After we killed our midterms the weeeek-long (that seemed like a century) planning of going to kawasan falls was finally happening. No, this was not one of those plans where people back out and where it was not put into action. Non non non! this is different. Experiencing on of the most beautiful creations of God was finally unfolding before our very eyes.
                                                             On our way to kawasan...

The long week-end awaits and off to kawasan we go with my wonderful and fun friends! It took us about # hours from the city until we reached kawasan in Badian province. good thing we only paid P101.00 as a student discount but I think the regular fare of the Ceres bus was P120.00 (tip: so bring your id when you go there, ok?)

First off, I was scared of the idea of going there since kawasan has already taken a lot of lives, it's either people drown or people drown as though someone is pulling them from under and the waters was really deep about 10ft deep though Rosevie was really very persuasive and enthusiastic about the whole idea, I didn't really expect that it would be an action-packed adventure with a beautiful place I just thought of the whole trip as a bonding with my friends and I didn't expected much. Much to my surprise.....

The moment we arrived at the area after a few meters walk, the inviting, magical looking gorgeous blue waters  and lush green tropical trees immediately met our tired eyes and aching butt from all the sitting at the bus and the exhaustion suddenly washed away and i was filled with excitement thinking that this is not so bad after all, this is going to be a wonderful adventure.

So we walked..... and walked, paid the P10.00 entrance fee and walked some more for like 25 mins. plus the picture picture by the side views going there. and then, we heard the sound of the gushing waterfall, the moment I saw it, it made me one to jump into the water. but i did not do it of course. I certainly do not want to get cramps and varicose veins caused by all the walking and them immediately plummeting into the waters. No, don't varicose veins don't interest me so we had to rest for while before swimming

There were actually 3 levels at kawasan falls:

This is level one though we didn't swim here because all the dirt from level 3 and level 2 will eventually lead to level 1. We were thinking that it might be dirty but it's not. Matter of fact a lot of people were swimming there. 

                                                                   still at level one..

                         This is level 2, (thinking about it, there's not much difference since 
                                 all the views look gorgeous  and breath-taking) agree?

and finally this is level 3 where we stayed and swam for most of out trip there. By the time we got there, we were starving good thing I brought food as well as daisy and easson and mark mendoza. So we didn't have to buy the food their with jacked-up prices. The sound of the waterfalls was so replenishing to the soul it even drowns out the sound of the stereo because it's loud and strong like that. Thought there was some degree of eeriness of the place we didn't mind that and just had fun but before we even jumped into the waters. My superstitious neighbor advised me prior to the trip to (tip: drop a 1 peso coin make a lil a prayer for protection and make the sign of the cross as an offering and prayer for protection from the "di dingon nato" to avoid someone in our group getting harmed) since it was well- known that kawasan falls often takes the lives of people "mamira" . I'm not really superstitious but hey, there's nothing to lose except for a 1 peso coin.

Rental fee:

Cottage and table: P300.00
Rack: P300.00
Lifevest: P50.00

Overnight rate: (ranging from P900.00 to P2000.00 depending on the types of rooms and cottages)

               I miss the waters of Kawasan falls.. Its as though I can almost here the sound of the gushing waters from over here in my room..

                                             I miss this part, it's like a mini jacuzzi au naturel!

                                                I love jumping from that small waterfall again..

                                       Daisy, hyacint, Rose, Me, mark and Easson striking a pose

                                                           bonga! feeling diwata hahah

It was time for swimming and I just couldn't wait to get wet already so I jumped! WOOSH! The cold waters just seeps through my skin, perfect for this sweltering Monday where the heat is really oppressive most especially in the city. The area really gives off this cool refreshing atmosphere taking you away from the hustle and bustle as well as the pollution from the city.

I really had a fantastic time with my friends! Playing around with them on the waters and feeling the heavy waterfalls on our backs. It was a truly memorable experience. One I haven't had for quite a long time. okay, so not that long but one that  I haven't had for a while. I really loved the part where we jumping on the mini falls feeling the adrenaline rush through my veins.

It was quite scary to swim around the waters thinking that something might pull you plus the strong current of the waters makes it even harder for you to swim.

My day was perfect my soul feeling anew with all the stress and sadness being washed away. I can't imagine that something this beautiful actually exists despite the pollution and dirt from the city made me think that there's probably more nooks and crannies out there hidden from the world but waiting to be discovered. I'm so looking forward to my next adventure with awesome friends such as these:

The day after that, pain from all the swimming starts to seep into my body and I really had a hard time moving. My butt, my arms and my back aches. But it was all worth it. It was all out fun! I can't even wait to go back there. sooon after camotes (hopefully matuloy!)

okay, gotta rush to school now, still have my pre-final exam for finance.. good luck to me.
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