The Awesome Things: Love and Hate

Friday, December 31, 2010

Love and Hate

Love and hate

-I love hearing myself sing during brownouts with a falcetto voice that sounds nothings like that of a gifted singer.

-I love indie music.

-I amuse myself sometimes with my morbid thoughts of death and as a juvenile thinker.

-I love kids especially toddlers!! so adorable, they're so carefree and know nothing about the fuss and sorrows that the real worlds has to offer.. It's like they have a whole new world to their own..

-I love being able to meet with GOD in the morning and hearing HIM speak wisdom.

-i LOVE feeling the cold water during baths and getting soaked skin deep.

-I love imagining what people's lives might be like.

-I love my taste in music.

-I love meeting new people and watching movies with them.

-I love reading.

-I love warm bread in par with hot choco or coffee.

-I love my college kid swag. gaarrrRR

-I love waiting for that amazing man i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with.

-I love to write.

-I love imagining having my own book someday. dreamer much! hah!

-I love imaging myself owning my own patisserie someday.

-I love imaging walking in the streets of France.

-I hate desmenorrhea (not sure with the spelling though, forgive me for floundering)

-I hate that I have only such a wee lonely dimple inmy left cheek, Its as though its barely even there.

-I hate days when I have such big "hello world pimples" yuks

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